Edeline Bernal
Toronto-based motion designer




YSDN10 Interview Outro

5 second outro for the York/Sheridan Design (YSDN) Grad Show 2010 Interview series.


There were a total of 106 graduating students, more than 500 works to showcase, $50,000 to fundraise, all for 4 nights to celebrate 4 years of hardwork. YSDN Grad Shows are entirely student-run (with some guidance from our kind profs of course). The entire class is divided into teams (e.g. Branding, Graphics, Production, Operations, Display, Web, etc.) and each one is responsible for specific tasks. It is essentially one massive, one-year-long collaborative effort.

This year's theme is focused on the notion of individuality vs. being part of the collective. It sparked a lot of debate and discussion as to which is more important, whether or not one can be achieved without compromising the other, and how this is relevant in our careers as emerging designers. In the end, we've agreed that upon coming to the program, we ultimately begin as individuals. The four years in which we've spent time succeeding, failing, and learning together, that is the process of our coming together. We envisioned Grad Show as not about our personal celebrations but more so, as a collective.

From a limited selection of shapes and symbols, each person was asked to create his/her own unique pattern to mark our "identity" and serve as a visual metaphor for our vision. Our taglines include:

  1. The Shape of Things to Come
  2. The Medium is the Process
  3. The Whole is a Sum of its Parts

The graphics for this bumper is derived from the Graphics' Team poster.