Edeline Bernal
Toronto-based motion designer




Ten Wishes

The York University / Sheridan College Joint Program in Design (YSDN) celebrates its tenth year anniversary during the school year of 2009-2010. This project is intended to commemorate this occasion through a minute-long video that explores the notion of ten. The audience includes past, current, and future students of ysdn; as well as the faculty and people from the industry who are familiar with the program.

The initial stages of my research include brainstorming, both personally and with a group of other designers, on the meaning of the number ten. Secondary research covers more of what it means in context: investigating its symbolic value in various cultures and in other disciplines such as numerology, theology, and psychology. Research show that ten is a base of our intuitive number system. It marks the end of an important cycle and is, thus, often treated as the most important part of all. (This is why people often create Top Ten lists, or Top 100 lists—100 as a multiple of ten.) Similar to how people get caught up in creating end of the year's resolutions, ten implies a milestone, a significant achievement pause-worthy and meant to be remembered. The methodology used to generate content entails a survey of 100 ysdn students about their Top Ten dreams, wishes, and aspirations.