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A graphic designer who finds joy in things that move.
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RAW Magazine

In art and design, majority of the magazines that reach young students include annuals that showcase award-winning works from recognized studios and talented professionals. While these may be inspiring, merely seeing the end result often only serves as nothing more than a visual feast for students who do not have enough foundation or knowledge about the process behind developing inspired solutions. As a result, it is easy for them to feel intimidated.

RAW magazine is designed for aspiring visual communicators as the coach that will boost confidence in their creative process. Its purpose is to be a valuable resource for normally hard-to-access information (such as personal sketches and behind-the-scenes works in progress) and a guide for idea-stimulation and creative thinking. With a casual, interactive, and playful personality, RAW magazine aims to assist emerging designers and creative thinkers to the start of their continuous growth. RAW is envisioned to be distributed as an insert within a bigger art and design publication.

Note: Page 8 and 16 are spaces for advertisements. These ads are not mine; they have been altered to fit the magazine.


  • 2009 GDC National
  • Scholarship Awards

  •  Thanks to the help of Marcelo Hong
  •  Brian Santangelo, Sibyl Chan
  •  Jennee Yang, and Jiyeon Chan