Edeline Bernal
Toronto-based motion designer



2010 GDC National Scholarship Awards
Call for Submissions Ad

This is an ad for The Society of Graphic Designers in Canada (GDC)'s National Scholarship Awards Call for Submissions for the year 2010. The wordmark is hand-rendered, and also comes with a French version.

The challenge for this project was to create a Call for Submissions ad for the GDC National Scholarship Awards 2010. It is intended to appeal to student graphic designers across Canada, and encourage them to submit their work to the said competition.

Because Canada is such a culturally diverse country, it was necessary for the approach to consider the common ground that student graphic designers could all relate to. The solution is to utilize rudimentary formal elements that student graphic designers learn first and foremost in their design studies. The most basic shapes, primary colors, every dot of every line: these are the core foundation of design as we are taught. These have become fundamental in learning design principles and are essentially the base of the application of our knowledge regardless of the medium of our work.

The shape triangle was chosen because it is one of the most basic formal shapes (i.e. circle, square, triangle). The second reason is its resemblance with the form of a megaphone or bullhorn, which is symbolic of a "call." The composition is indeed inspired by Alexander Rodchenko's Russian Constructivist poster (1924 portrait of Lilya Brik) only because it is an iconic image in graphic design history with regard to its form, composition, and use of typography.

The purpose of this competition is to boost outstanding student graphic designers' confidence by giving them national exposure and recognition. In this case, the triangle (two of which makes up a diamond) could also be interpreted as a kite. Similar to how a kite soars up in the sky for everyone to see, this competition serves as a means for students to "rise to the top." Metaphorically, the kite becomes the student's work, and it is through their work that they are recognized. The placement of the hand implies that the student also "rises above the clouds" along with their work.

The color red is chosen because it is one of the primary colors (i.e. red, yellow, blue as in Itten's theory), and brings the design to support the main idea of going back to the fundamental basics. Not only does red match GDC's logo (and thus puts emphasis to it), red, as a warm color, also stands out considerably when used against the cooler light blue hues of the sky background.