Edeline Bernal
Toronto-based motion designer




29 (News + Everyday Life)
This project was motivated by a desire to critique the news media in their often biased way of framing news content. The manner in how news is presented and revealed to us alters our perception of the current world, and thus plays a big role in one's definition of truth.

"29" aims to examine the relationship between news headlines and the photographs which accompany them. It is a deliberate attempt to decontextualize text and redefine the meaning of news through its juxtaposition with everyday life images and through wordplay.


Big thanks to the following people for their generous help:
(in alphabetical order)

  1. Arciaga family
  2. Earl Aspiras
  3. Miralou Bernal
  4. Marcott Bernarde
  5. Ana Katrina Barrozo
  6. Lei Canlas
  7. Jiyeon Chang
  8. Lelaine Ching
  9. Caitlin Chu
  10. Egenias-Barrozo
  11. Elaine Fok
  12. Alice Gomes
  13. Marcelo Hong
  14. Anton Jeludkov
  15. Youmi Kim
  16. Anna Klibanov
  17. Natalie Law
  18. Tracy Ma
  19. Kaycee Ng
  20. Payam Rajabi
  21. Olivia Ramos
  22. Stefanie Romano
  23. Brian Santangelo
  24. Marianne Sotto
  25. Sarah Trance
  26. Grace Valenzuela
  27. Paula Valenzuela
  28. James Won
  29. Jennee Yang